16 Times BTS’s Jungkook Proved He Has Super Human Strength

How does he do #7? 🤯

BTS calls Jungkook their “Muscle Pig” for a reason! From his endless energy to his insane strength, the youngest is truly made of muscle. Check out a few of the craziest times he showed his true strength below.

1. Splitting a pineapple in half with his bare hands

He ate it deliciously, too!


2. Looking so comfortable during Run BTS! while doing this

You would never guess he’s exerting all his strength to pull the rope away from his members.


3. Crushing a water bottle until it looks like a stick

Only machines and Jungkook can do this!

4. Pushing a pirate ship ride by himself

He even got in and went for a ride.

5. Easily overpowering his members

Poor V learned just how solid Jungkook truly is!

6. Making kids look light as a feather

He makes it look like he’s carrying a stuffed animal!

7. Transporting the biggest and heaviest objects with ease

Seriously, where did he come from?!

8. Kicking over a hanging punching bag

Don’t underestimate the power of his legs.

9. Carrying the members on his shoulders

Whenever some choreography calls for this move, Jungkook is the go-to member.



10. Moving all the furniture at once

Have you ever seen someone carry three chairs at a time?

11. Picking up every shopping bag

He’s determined to make one trip…and one trip only!

12. Flinging Jin around like he weighs nothing

The shopping cart didn’t stand a chance.

13. Water skiing on his first try

His core control and body weight helped stabilize him.

14. Shifting into high gear

Like a true athlete, he’s strong and fast.

15. His insane core strength

Not just anybody can replicate these moves he does with ease.




16. Bonus: The muscles that make all of this possible

He definitely looks the part of someone with super human strength!




Source: theqoo