BTS Jungkook’s Bucket List: Seven Things He’s Been Wanting To Do But Still Hasn’t

One of these hair-raising activities would be awesome in their concert!

BTS Jungkook has always been adventurous and raring to try new things, regardless of how daring or dangerous they can sometimes be. He has mentioned quite a few things he would like to try doing, and some remain on the drawing board.

In celebration of Jungkook’s birthday, here’s a unique bucket list prepared for him of the things he mentioned he was interested in trying. Maybe seeing this list can remind him to set these plans in motion.

1. He wanted to paint his nails.

In one of his online broadcasts in 2019, Jungkook mentioned Lauv and his painted nails.


He was so taken with Lauv’s nails that he wanted to get a manicure too. ARMYs are still waiting for this to happen.

2. He wanted to try skydiving.

Jungkook has never shied away from anything; the daredevil in him is raring to try even the most hair-raising activities. He tried flying over his audience for “Euphoria,” and this time around, he claims no less than skydiving will impress him. Imagine Jungkook jumping out of a plane to skydive and land in an open stadium onstage. Indeed a Jungkook moment like no other.


3. He wants to hold an art exhibit.

Jungkook once mentioned that he wanted to hold an exhibit of his works and would give 50% of the proceeds to charity. It’s no secret that Jungkook has fantastic art skills; he can draw, paint, design digital art, and even design clothes. His brain is so creative! His landscape painting in In the SOOP 2 will forever be the best testimony to his artistic nature.

| In The SOOP

4. He wants to do a three-hour online broadcast for fans.

Remember the two-and-a-half-hour online birthday broadcast Jungkook did last year? That was the best bonding moment ever between Jungkook and ARMY! He spent his birthday with fans when the clock struck midnight and sang English covers and BTS songs on request. Jungkook wants to beat that and do a three-hour concert online.  This is another milestone ARMY is waiting for.

5. He wants to do a 3-hour concert.

In a Weverse interview, Jungkook expressed his desire to be a crazy awesome person in his craft, good enough to perform solo for three to four hours in a venue filled with people. There is no timeline to this; it’s one of his dreams he hoped to fulfill when the time was right. But let’s get honest; he already is crazy awesome.

6. He wants to be an artist who can create many scenarios and situations in his songs.

Jungkook explained when J-Hope interviewed him for “BE-hind Story.” He wanted to be a composer who could go beyond writing songs about his experiences only. He wants to write about situations he never experienced and be credible.


7. He wants to release a mixtape with three MVs.

Jungkook has long been working on his mixtape and would like it to have three main tracks, each with its MV and choreography. ARMYs have been excited, waiting patiently for this to happen.


Happy Birthday Jungkook! May you get the time to do all these things and have a blast with each one of them!