20 Unforgettable Moments From BTS’s Final “Love Yourself” Concerts

The tour may be over, but these memories are forever.

BTS‘s Love Yourself world tour officially came to an end in Bangkok, Thailand on April 6 and 7. Here are 20 unforgettable moments from these final Love Yourself shows that will live on in fans’ memories forever.


1. When RM greeted thousands of fans while looking like a whole meal


2. When the members showed off their individual charms


3. When Jungkook sang these famous lines from “Magic Shop” acapella


4. When Jimin rocked these sunglasses like only he can


5. When V pored all his charisma into “I’m Fine”


6. When J-Hope gave V these adorable horns


7. When Jimin transformed “Anpanman” from a cute song to a sexy song with these freestyle dance moves


8. When J-Hope’s fanchant was all anybody could hear


9. This brief but fantastic “Taejoon” duet during “I Need U”

10. When Jungkook struggled to stay in character for “The Truth Untold”…


11. …after Jin’s vocal crack cracked him up


12. When Jin wore yet another iconic pair of silly sunglasses


13. This sparkling rendition of “IDOL”


14. When J-Hope went wild for “Baepsae”


15. When everybody was extra AF


16. When Jungkook got a little carried away…


17. …by V


18. Whatever Suga is doing here…


19. RM looking majestic in the rain


20. When BTS said goodbye to ARMY at the end of their very last Love Yourself show