BTS’ Maknae Line Dominates The Top 10 Most Viewed Male Idol Mnet Fancams

Can you guess who took 1st place?

When looking for the most popular Mnet fancams, there are only three idols whose names repeatedly pop up. BTS’ Jimin, Jungkook, and V hold all of the places for the top 10 most viewed male idol fancams. Check out which songs garnered the most attention below!

10. Jimin — “ON” (10M views)

9. V — “Airplane Pt.2” (11M views)

8. Jungkook — “DNA” (12.1M views)

7. V — “DNA” (12.3M views)

6. Jungkook — “ON” (13M views)

5. V — “ON” (20M views)

4. Jungkook — “Fake Love” (32M views)

3. Jungkook — “Boy With Luv” (55M views)

2. Jimin — “Fake Love” (103M views)

1. V — “Boy With Luv” (120M views)