9 BTS Memes That Predicted The Future By Becoming Reality

Nobody expected these “memes come true” moments to happen.

BTS‘s “Minstradamus” Suga can predict the future, but so can ARMY! Here are 9 fictional memes that became reality!

1. “Let’s get this bread!”

Memes came true when Jungkook said this English slang during a show. He knows what the fandom’s up to!

2. J-Pope

Sometimes it’s a typo, sometimes it’s done on purpose. Either way “J-Pope” happens. J-Hope brought this meme to life in BTS’s “Outro: EGO” music video.

3. This “TATA will cut you” meme

When brandished a blade, some fans immediately thought of the meme of his BT21 plushie doing the same thing.

4. Seoul Town Road

This yeehaw-seyo edit of RM from February 2019 came to life when he dropped the “Seoul Town Road” remix with Lil Nas X months later.

5. Matthew McConaughey

This meme started making rounds long before the Hollywood star officially became a BTS fan.

In 2018, he was spotted at a BTS concert with his family.

Later, on Ellen, Matthew McConaughey revealed that his son Levi is the reason why he attended the concert. Levi is a huge music fan and his all-time favorite group is BTS.

Levi wanted to see BTS for his birthday. His favorite band, BTS.

— Matthew McConaughey

6. The Spongebob mob

This meme happened for real thanks to a huge crowd of ARMYs who attended BTS’s “Run ARMY in Action” event.

7. Min Holly

Some fans were reminded of a certain stylish dog meme when Suga put blue sunglasses on his dog Holly.

8. President Namjoon

One of ARMY’s most iconic memes-come-true moments happened when RM made “President Namjoon” happen.

He referenced the meme in “Intro: Persona”…

…and had a very presidential moment when reciting a speech for the United Nations as part of BTS’s LOVE MYSELF campaign with UNICEF.

9. Namkanda

Namkanda is a fictional country founded by BTS fans on October 14, 2018. Its name is a portmanteau of RM’s real name, “Namjoon”, and “Wankanda”, the home country of Marvel‘s Black Panther.

“President Namjoon” brought Namkanda to life during his 2019 birthday greeting. In this clip, RM wears a birthday sash while giving his people the presidential wave. “I invite you to visit the Republic of Namjoon,” he wrote.