Here Are 10 Things You Might Have Missed From BTS’s 2021 MUSTER “Sowoozoo”

#3 is actually terrifying.

With all the camera angles and things happening in the background, it’s hard to see everything that happened during BTS‘s 2021 MUSTER “Sowoozoo.” Check out the 10 things you might have missed below, including emotional, hilarious, and scary moments!

1. J-Hope walked into a camera.

It might leave a bruise, but other than that, everyone’s glad he’s okay!

2. These endearing little hats cost much more than you might expect.

They go for about 561,000 KRW — about $500 USD!


3. A staff member quickly put out a small fire.

Fortunately, the scary situation was quickly resolved!

4. RM totally got in the wrong car.

Jin was there to tell him where to go.

5. That’s not all RM accidentally did.

Jimin also pointed him in the right direction when he was headed away from the cameras.

6. Jungkook got emotional.

As the show was ending, he couldn’t hide his sad expression and teared up a bit. However, he immediately lightened up when saying goodbye to ARMYs!

7. V dressed Suga up while the others were giving their speeches.

Unless you switched the camera angle, you might not have noticed these two off in their own world!

8. If you thought you were J-Hope’s biggest fan during “Dis-ease,” think again.

Jin definitely claimed that title by morphing into an ARMY during his performance.

9. The mystery of Jimin’s lip ring is solved.

Fans might have wondered where it went during the performance.

With a careful eye, you’ll notice he took it off mid-performance…

…and put it in his pocket!

10. Jungkook reviewed the lyrics of “Daechwita” to himself before the song started.

He double-checked to make sure he had it memorized perfectly!