10+ ARMYs Who Can’t Wait For BTS’s New 2022 Album

New year, new chapter.

BigHit Music recently announced that BTS‘s trip to the U.S. has been canceled, now that the 2022 GRAMMY Awards are postponed. In Newsen‘s report, it was also stated that BTS will release a new album that will open a “new chapter” this year.

BTS | BigHit Music

Although this announcement was made by the outlet and not by BigHit Music personally, fans still can’t help getting hyped for what’s to come in 2022. Take a look!

1. Rest? ARMY doesn’t know her.

2. Say hello to sleepless nights!

3. It’s. Too. Much…

…but never enough!

4. Are we ready?

5. What are they planning?

6. No words, just ahhhhhhhhhhh!

7. When the truth hits:

8. “Butter” set the bar high

9. Say what? 

10. It’s been far too long…


12. Some rules aren’t made to be broken.

13. This prediction

Source: Newsen