8 BTS News Headlines That Would Break The Internet

Fake news stories that we wish were real.

BTS is always in the news, but if these must-read headlines ever happened, it would break the internet. Check them out!

1. BTS To Be Exempt From Military Service For Outstanding Contributions To Korean Culture

Alexa, play my “songs to sob to” playlist! BTS will proudly serve their country and ARMY will patiently await their return, but let’s be honest. We’re all really wishing for this headline to come true.

| @bts_twt/Twitter.com

As many fans, and the general public, have pointed out, BTS’s role as cultural ambassadors is arguable more beneficial for South Korea than their service as soldiers would be, so here’s hoping against hope for a rule change.

| @bts_twt/Twitter.com

2. RM Announces Plans To Run For President

For years, ARMYs have called RM their “President Namjoon”, but what if he actually ran for office someday?

He has the leadership, diplomacy skills, and intelligence to make it happen, and his campaign wouldn’t cost a thing. ARMY would help him out for free!

3. Jin To Make His Acting Debut In An Upcoming K-Drama

Fans have been begging for an Actor Jin‘s debut for ages, and it’s easy to see why.

He radiates “K-Drama vibes” in BTS’s music videos, advertisements…

…and photoshoots.

| Big Hit Labels/Youtube.com

If Jin ever does decide to return to his acting roots, the news will break the internet. Guaranteed!

4. Suga Confirms That He Has Always Been Secretly Fluent In English

One of the most well-known conspiracy theories in the BTS fandom is about Suga‘s language skills. Although he doesn’t speak English often, Suga understands a lot of it. At least, enough to school RM.

When RM said, “They were so embarrassed because [none of them can] talk in English,” Suga immediately interrupted by telling the interviewer (in English) that he watches her videos.

Suga also translated the English card that came with Jimin‘s birthday flowers. So, if he ever admits to his secret fluency, ARMYs probably won’t be shocked!

5. J-Hope To Release His Second Mixtape, HOPE WORLD & U

Fans have been patiently waiting for J-Hope‘s second mixtape since his first mixtape, HOPE WORLD dropped in 2018.

After seeing what a huge splash Suga’s D-2 made in 2020, we already know J-Hope’s next mixtape will take over the world. (P.S. HOPE WORLD & U isn’t the official title, but it has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?)

6. Jimin Reveals What’s Tasty In Busan

At a fan sign, J-Hope asked fans, “what’s tasty in Busan?”. Jungkook whispered something to J-Hope and Jimin that seems to be 19+…

…but fans never found out what it was. If only Jimin would tell us the answer! Unfortunately, Jimin is way too good at keeping BTS’s secrets. He doesn’t drop spoilers, but he is a spoiler magnet, so even if he never reveals the Great Busan Mystery himself, someone else might do it if he’s near by.

7. V To Reunite With The Hwarang Cast In A New K-Drama, Co-Starring Jin

Fans love to see chilling with his Wooga squad, but how great would it be if they acted together again (feat. Actor Jin, of course)?

Maybe this time around, “Good Boy” V will play a bad guy!

8. Jungkook Reveals All Of His Tattoos And What They Mean

ARMYs completely respect Jungkook’s privacy, but they’re very curious about his ink. If Jungkook ever decides to reveal all and tell all, it’ll break the internet (and crash Weverse).

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