Here’s How BTS Reacts When They Are Called Handsome

Regardless, they are all handsome!

We all know how charming and handsome the boys of BTS are. While there are some that are proud and know that they are handsome, some are shy when they hear fans calling their name. Here are several different types of reactions BTS has when they are called handsome.





1. The ‘Worldwide Handsome’ Reaction

Jin isn’t afraid to hide the fact that he knows he is ‘worldwide handsome’.




2. The ‘Shy’ Reaction

Here RM hears a fan telling him he’s good looking and he can’t help but to smile shyly.




3. The ‘Yes I Know’ Reaction

Here Jimin is agreeing with the fan’s response in saying that he is handsome.




4. The ‘Slight Grin’ Reaction

V hides his face from embarrassment after a fan lets him know how handsome he is.




5. The ‘What Would You Do’ reaction

Suga overhears the fan letting J-Hope know he’s handsome. When J-Hope doesn’t respond, Suga takes it upon himself to tell J-Hope that his fan said he’s handsome. J-Hope, looking embarrassed, re-asks the question to Suga and asks him how he would react to this.





6. The ‘Yes Sir That’s Me’ Reaction

Jin is the first to get up and respond to anything about being good-looking and handsome.




7. The ‘Can’t Handle It’ Reaction

Even sometimes ‘worldwide handsome’ Jin can’t take the flattery as he hides from embarrassment.




8. The ‘Need To Compose Myself But Failed’ Reaction

Here V tries to get himself together after hearing fan’s tell him he’s handsome. From the clip you can see he fails in trying to compose himself.



9. The ‘Nod’ Reaction

Here Jin is just nodding silently, agreeing to the statements made about him.




10. The ‘What Did You Say’ Reaction

Here a fan let’s Jimin know how handsome he is. Jimin pretends like he doesn’t hear them and asks them to repeat themselves a bit louder.




11. The ‘Sincere Thank You’ Reaction

Here Jungkook quickly says thank you and responds with a cute smile to thank his fans.





Regardless of how they react, it’s no surprise that these guys are all flawless!




Watch the full reaction of BTS here: