ARMY’s 5+ Funniest Questions For Benny Blanco After His Collaboration With BTS And Snoop Dogg

ARMY had some serious questions too but…

BTS released their highly-anticipated collaboration with Benny Blanco and Snoop Dogg, “Bad Decisions.” ARMY love everything about the release, from the upbeat song to the entertaining music video.

To keep ARMY excited about the song, Benny Blanco plans to answer fans’ questions on Twitter and invites fans to ask anything they are wondering about.

Here are eight of ARMY’s funniest questions so far.

1. How did the “interesting” concept photo come to be?

Fans felt that the concept photo’s editing was a unique choice.

2. Is he now the eighth member of BTS?

This seems plausible since Benny Blanco even had Jimin confused about his identity.

3. How can ARMY get ahold of his cool merch?

The music video proved he had quite the extensive collection.

4. Does he trade photocards?

Given his collection, it seems like Benny Blanco might be willing to trade some photocards with hopeful ARMY.

5. Why would anyone take a cake to a concert?

Would a concert venue even allow you to bring in a cake?

6. More importantly, was it absolutely necessary to destroy the beautiful cake for the music video?

ARMY took “offense” to its heartbreaking destruction.

7. Did BTS know about his plan to have ARMY wandering in the woods?

Although the promotion strategy was ingenious, given BTS’s love for their fans, ARMY aren’t convinced they knew of Benny Blanco’s plan.

8. Perhaps most importantly, “Will Yoongi marry me?”

You can watch the music video for “Bad Decisions” here.