BTS’s Latest “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” Photos Hide A Surprise 

Can you find it?

BTS and Naver have released more photos from the MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E concept photobook! Unlike the previous photosets, the “ARMY’s Paradise” version comes with an unexpected present. Can you find it?

1. BTS

Behold, the most beautiful “Black Swans” in the world…

…here to bring the pain “ON” in the best way.

2. RM

RM raps about his identity as BTS’s leader, RM, and Kim Namjoon for his solo “Intro: Persona.”

Nothing says “President Namjoon” quite like this regal sash!

3. Jin

Want to go to the “Moon”? Jin will take you there with his too-good-for-this-world vocals.

4. Suga

Welcome to the dark side! It’s never looked so good. Suga brings out his inner rockstar for “Interlude: Shadow.”

5. Jimin

Purple prince Jimin is far too handsome for a “Filter”, but we could listen to him sing about it all day!

6. V

V: upstaging paintings since 1995. He poses in a whimsical set for his solo “Inner Child.”

7. Jungkook

What time is it? “My Time.” Let Jungkook take you back to the past with his solo about growing up in the spotlight.

8. J-Hope

Have you spotted the surprise yet? It’s coming in three…


…one! Tada! How did Strawberry J-Hope get here? We don’t know, but we’re loving it!

Source: Naver