10+ Things You’ll Never Hear A BTS Fan Say, Unless They’re Lying

ARMYs everywhere can relate to these universal truths.

1. “I didn’t watch the Grammys for 2 hours just to see BTS stand on stage for 10 seconds.”


2. “I have more than enough money to buy BTS’s new album, concert tickets, merch, The Notes 1, fast passes for the Save Me webtoon, BTS x Mattel dolls, a Vlive+ subscription, and all the BT21 things I want.”


3. “Choosing a bias is easy.”


4. “I never get bias wrecked.”


5. “Once you Jim-in you can always Jim-out.”


6. “Jin always does what the agency says.”


7. “I get tired of looking at the members’ beautiful faces…”


8. “…and listening to their perfect vocals.”


9. “I never stay up late to watch BTS’s live streams. Ever.”


10.  “I hope BTS never have a concert in my city.”


11.  “Subtitles? I don’t need those.”