10+ Times BTS’s V Made Everyone Jealous Of His Long, Thick Eyelashes

How is #5 even real?!

Some people are just blessed and BTS‘s V is one of them! His naturally beautiful eyelashes don’t need any mascara to look this stunning. Check out the 10+ times below every ARMY was in awe of his lengthy lashes.

1. When he looks down, you can clearly see his long eyelashes!

2. V is just blessed in every way.

3. Even without an ounce of makeup, he looks like a doll.

4. Seriously, how is this fair?

5. Even his bottom lashes are thick.

6. When he closes his eyes, you can really tell!

7. Do your lashes cast a shadow like this?

8. Okay, now he’s just showing off!

9. They even catch the lighting.

10. He’s mesmerizing.

11. Not to mention, completely boyfriend material!

12. His two different eyelids are part of the charm.

13. Is it hard to see with those lashes in your eyes?!

14. Model material, coming through.

15. The beret pushes his hair back, showing his beautiful eyes.

16. ARMYs, how are we feeling?