10 Of BTS’s Wildest Weverse Posts And Mishaps In 2020

It’s nothing but fun on the Weverse app.

BTS has written many funny, charming, and downright savage Weverse posts in 2020, and every one deserves a spot on this list. That said, we’ve narrowed it down to ten that won’t be forgotten any time soon!

1. When RM made every ARMY gamer panic

In the BTS Universe Story mobile game players create their own episodes starring BTS’s members. Naturally, ARMYs ran wild with their ideas, not knowing RM was watching.

| Samsung/Youtube

RM broke the game’s rules by sharing multiple screenshots, including one of a list of episodes written by fans. Naturally, they freaked out!

2. When Jin got himself kicked out of Weverse

In May, Jin got into trouble but he had no idea why.

On Twitter he wrote, “I think I’ve been kicked out of Weverse…please let me know if I’ve done something wrong- Jin.”

How did this happen? It could be Weverse’s answer to Jin, J-Hope, and RM all spamming Weverse with too many comments and posts for it to handle. They turned the app into their personal chat!

3. That time Jin couldn’t get any sleep because of V and Jungkook

One January morning, in the very early AM, V and Jungkook went on a posting spree.

Jungkook kicked off a word game where you make word using the final letter of a previously given word.

Example: “ARMY” (ah-mi), with “haircut” (mih-yong).

Jungkook: Word chain game

Jungkook: ARMY

V: Haircut


Jungkook and V went back and forth, playing the word game, writing comments, and sharing photos, blowing up ARMY’s phones with notifications…and Jin’s too.

| V/Weverse

In the middle of this chaos, Jin popped in to tell them to go to bed.

Go to sleep, Taehyung-ah, and stop ringing the notifications.

— Jin

4. V’s WTF reaction to Suga photo edits

When a fan posted these hair edits of Suga, V’s reaction was priceless.

| Weverse

“..who. are you…” he wrote, sounding confused.

Then he added, “let go of me for a second..”. The tone of his message roughly translates to, “OKAY WHOA HOLD ON A MINUTE!” or “EXCUSE ME I SAID WHO IS THIS!”. In short: WTF.

5. ARMY, why are you poor?

Gasp! J-Hope, you can’t just ask ARMYs why they’re poor! This is more or less what happened when RM and J-Hope filmed a video of themselves customizing ARMY Bombs. On Weverse, a fan pointed out that not every ARMY owns an ARMY Bomb.

| Weverse

“hehehehehehehehehehe ㅠㅠㅠ Why don’t you have an army bomb~ ㅠㅠ,” J-Hope asked. His reply was innocent and sweet, but ARMYs responded with the cold, hard truth. They’re broke!

6. When the auto-translator did everybody dirty

One time, auto-translators sabotaged BTS twice in 24 hours. When V shared this photo, he wrote, “Does it suit your taste?” as the caption.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Weverse

Weverse translated it to:

7. Jin’s cremation makeup

Jin handsomeness was just too much for Weverse. His comment, “I look handsome because of makeup” was auto-translated to “I’m cremation and look handsome.” Um, what?

8. No nudes for you

When a fan edited V’s concept photos for MAP OF THE SOUL: 7, he wrote, “Is something like this possible to do..? It seems like I really won’t have to wear costumes for photoshoots.” 

ARMYs had way too much fun with this.

If you don’t wear it.. I’ll be thankful.. but isn’t it better to wear [clothes]..?

— Fan

“Excuse me, [fan’s username] what are you thinking about?” V replied. “I meant not wearing costumes, but I’d still be wearing my regular clothes.” 

“What are you thankful for..”

You’re funny ㅋㅋ [laughing sounds]”

9. Death by handsomeness

A fan posted a shirtless photo of Jin with the caption, “Oppa, I’m dying.” 

How did he reply? “You can’t die, so I’ll take care of my clothes in the future!” 

10. J-Hope and his giraffes

When a fan asked J-Hope if there were any behind the scenes stories he would like to share from BTS’s physicals, he was said something no one expected.

| Big Hit Entertainment/Facebook.com

“Keke, when our members get their heights measures, they all become giraffes. Their necks,,,,grow longer in a fascinating way.” 

It might have looked like this!