Each BTS Member Chose What They Would Do If They Could Spend One-On-One Time With ARMY

Sounds like a date!

During recent interviews with Weverse, the BTS members were asked how they would spend a weekend doing whatever they wanted with ARMY. Their unique answers ranged from quiet and romantic to totally fun! Check out what they had to say below.

1. RM

RM envisions an aesthetic, peaceful setting like a coffee shop where he could sit down with ARMY.

It would be nice if we could rent out an entire coffee shop and just talk. It’s almost like a dream to think about sitting down together, making small-talk and maybe have fun singing a little.

— RM

2. Jin

With ARMY by his side, Jin is strong enough to face his fears at an amusement park!

I think it would be fun if we all went to an amusement park. I can never get on [scary rides]. I don’t really enjoy rides, but I think I can be okay if I’m with ARMY.

— Jin

3. Suga

Whether enjoying a movie or spending time by the Hangang River, Suga has a few things planned for fans.

Of course, have a concert. Or go to the movies. It’s been so long since I went… I think the last movie I watched was Parasite… I think it would be fun if I could go watch a movie with ARMY. Going to Hangang River would also be fun. Come to think of it, it’s been very long since I visited the Hangang River, too.

— Suga

4. J-Hope

J-Hope wants to have a meaningful and quiet time with fans where he can hold genuine conversations with everyone.

I would like to have quiet conversations with everyone. It’s been such a long time, so I don’t want something that’s too much. It would be nice if we could just be able to ask each other how we have been doing. I want to heart for myself what ARMY have been up to. It would be nice just to share how we have been doing.

— J-Hope

5. Jimin

Jimin has two things on his mind — but one of them might be a little hard for him!

Have a concert. I want to have a concert. I would like to meet ARMY at a place where we can perform. My second choice would be to go for a drive. ARMY has to drive. (Laughs) I’m still a beginner driver, so I’ll be riding shotgun, and talking up a storm.

— Jimin

6. V

V loves exploring different types of music and would love to share that experience with ARMY.

I want to go to a music store together. I would be great if I could recommend some music to ARMY. I love how the music comes out of the speakers. It will be so much better if I can go with ARMY.

— V

7. Jungkook

As expected of Jungkook, he chose a fun and crazy experience that he wants to share with fans!

Wow… What should I do with out huge group of ARMY… Well… I want to go to an amusement park!

— Jungkook

Source: Weverse