BTS’s Suga Reveals That He’d Feel Devastatingly Lonely Without These 10 Important Things In His Life

Suga confessed the things in his life that make him truly happy.

It turns out that members of BTS don’t really need expensive items or fancy stuff just to make them happy.

For them, just having simple things like the little luxuries in life already make them content in life.

Take BTS’s Suga, for example.

With his seemingly cold exterior, you’d think that Suga is a “high-maintenance K-Pop idol”…

…but the truth is, for him, he just wants these ten things to stay in his life and he’ll be happy for life!

1. Sleeping for long on a rest day

Suga says “this is the best” because he loves getting energized.

2. Sleeping late on a day with no schedules

To prove his love for sleeping, he included it in his second item, too — this time, during their free time.

3. Waking up late



Since he usually stays up late at night to produce music, Suga really appreciates it whenever he can get up late.

4. Buying newly released speakers

According to Suga, buying speakers is considered as one of his treasured hobbies.

5. Drinking a single malt whisky alone

Since he likes this so much, their dormitory is well-stocked.

6. Buying new MIDI equipment

MIDI stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface.

It’s a program that allows electronic instruments and other digital musical tools to communicate with each other. Suga is such a dedicated music producer, since he even included this in his “happiness list”.

7. Sleeping on a bright day with no pollution

Suga says it best when he said:

I think that not getting out of bed is the best.

– Suga

8. Watching the performance of his favorite international artists

It’s been a long time since he has watched other performances of his favorite artists, so he really wants to set aside a special time for them.

9. Starting again on production work that’s been put off

Newsflash: Suga is a human being, not a robot, so whenever he reopens the works he’s produced in the past, he gets really happy.

10. Drinking iced americano on an empty stomach

Suga really loves it when he drinks iced coffee upon waking up — even though he knows it’s not really good for him.

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