A Budget Friendly K-Pop Style Guide: 5 Easy Ways To Dress Just Like TWICE’s Nayeon

Be as fashionable as Nayeon, without having to hurt your bank account!

Nayeon is one of the members of TWICE who is known for her chic fashion, both on and off the red carpet.

Thought not everyone might have a budget to copy her style exactly (a “simple” streetwear outfit alone could easily cost $2,317USD!), here are some ways to copy many of Nayeon’s “laid back” looks.

The best thing is that you don’t need to be rich to do it! Most if not all of these basic items can be purchased at the closest retail clothing/jewelry store.

So let’s begin!

1. Denim (skirts, shorts, and pants) is a must.

Most of Nayeon’s typical streetwear has at least one constant piece – denim.

While she rotates between different cuts (shorts, skirts, and pants), denim is one item she always has in her collection when out and about.

If you’d like to go the extra mile, you can also get frayed/ripped versions of each denim piece, as Nayeon has been photographed wearing frayed denim skirts, shorts, and ripped jeans as well.

2. Graphic t-shirts are the tops of choice.

Nayeon is also known for pairing both fitted and unisex graphic T-shirts with her denim pieces, adding a more youthful, edgy flair to her outfits.To get a nice clean look, she usually tucks in her shirt (unisex) or wears it normally (fitted).

While Nayeon usually goes for white colored graphic T-shirts, the same look can be recreated with any color shirt that matches well with denim.

Its important to note that her unisex shirts are only slightly larger, so don’t overdo it and get a shirt that’s too big!

3. Converse or canvas sneakers are the shoes to complete the look.

Nayeon usually wears Converse-inspired canvas sneakers (or Converse themselves!) as her go-to shoes. Using these style of shoes to complete her look gives her a more “youthful chic” vibe that compliments both the graphic t-shirts and denim she matches together.

While black Converse shoes are the standard (people do say black goes well with everything!), getting a color such as white or grey are also good choices.

4. Long string side purses is the best way to complement the outfit.

Instead of carrying a heavy, over the shoulder purse, Nayeon usually wears a small “backpack” or a long string side purse (also known as a “cross body” bag) to carry her essentials.

This allows the bag to complement her look instead of overpowering it.

Admittedly, this might be the most expensive item to obtain, but simpler bags can be obtained for reasonable prices (such as $15USD at Old Navy!).

5. Simple jewelry (or lack of) is key.

When Nayeon is out and about, she likely doesn’t want to be hampered down with large, bold, jewelry pieces. Instead, she goes simple and clean.

Things like basic gold/silver necklaces and simple rings have been seen on her from time to time. However, Nayeon usually likes forgo jewelry when she’s on the go.

Though obviously not everyone wants to do that, it’s important to keep in mind that simple jewelry pieces are the way to go in order to not heavily contrast with the simpleness of the overall outfit.

As streetwear is intended to be something “just thrown together”, the style has to be toned down than a red carpet look.

Nayeon is able to embody that “chic streetwear” style perfectly by mixing the simple” yet trendy elements in all her outfits.

Thankfully for ONCEs, it’s a style that can be easily replicated!

Source: TWICE Apparel and Nasoong_Hing