These 3 Korean Celebrities Are Praised For Their Beauty After Gaining Weight

They have a whole new vibe!

After gaining weight, these celebrities received praise from netizens for their charms. Check out the top 3 who are recognized for the transformation!

1. Shin Min Ah

Shin Min Ah’s typical look is a fit physique and pretty appearance.

However, after gaining weight, her round cheeks gave her a whole new and adorable look!

The new look made her appear more youthful.

2. Park Jung Ah

Typically, Park Jung Ah has a slender appearance with little body fat.

However, after gaining weight from pregnancy, she seems to glow!

| @jjungah0224/Instagram
| @jjungah0224/Instagram

3. Jung Eun Chae

Jung Eun Chae also keeps her body very slender.

However, after gaining weight, netizens have commented her appearance is lovely.

They have also commented her cute appearance makes her look more vibrant, as well.

Source: TheQoo