K-Netizen Lists Top 3 Undeniably Legendary Concepts Of Idol Groups

Which one is your favorite?

A K-Netizen recently shared their top 3 performances by idol groups with unforgettable concepts that made them sensations online. Check out these stunning performances that transformed aspects from traditional culture into a modern and artistic performance for all to enjoy.

1. VIXX’s “Shangri-La” — 2017 MBC Gayo Daejejeon

VIXX incorporated the “Eastern traditional utopia of Shangri-la” concept into their performance.


The performance was so well-received it was immediately followed by a standing ovation from the audience.

It soon went viral for its beautiful aesthetics and usage of traditional symbolism, many suggesting they could easily envision it as part of the PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics performances.

Check out the incredible stage below.

2. BTS’s “IDOL” — 2018 Melon Music Awards

BTS‘s used traditional Korean dances and imagery for their performance. From Jungkook‘s mask dance…

…to Jimin‘s fan dance known as Buchaechum

…as well as J-Hope‘s drum dance, known as Samgo-mu.

The performance contributed to a global interest in traditional Korean culture.

Watch the legendary performance below.

3. OH MY GIRL’s “Destiny” — Queendom 2019

In OH MY GIRL‘s cover of Lovelyz‘s “Destiny,” they put their unique spin on the song by performing a traditional Korean concept.


The members appeared on stage in hanboks, captivating the audience.



This beautiful performance earned them first place, as well as immense respect from the other artists.


Check out the stunning stage here.

Source: TheQoo