20+ Of The Most Savage Things DAY6’s Jae Has Ever Said

This sass king rules the social media scene.

DAY6‘s Jae is one of the sassiest stars in the Korean music industry. He’s never short on one-liners, and this list of need-some-ice-for-that-burn moments proves it!

1. When he killed Kevin Woo’s vibe

2. When he spilled the tea on JYP Entertainment

3. That time he told Brian to give up on being Young K

“You’re Brian. Give up!”

4. Confidence level: Jae

5. When he created this painful hashtag

6. Every time he dissed Jimin Park

7. When he refused to play nice with others

8. #ShuttupIBiasMyself

9. Every time he picked on Wonpil

10. When even Jae wasn’t safe from Jae

11. Why are you famous?

12. In other words, don’t ask stupid questions

13. Speaking of stupid…

14. Whatever it takes

15. He knows his audience

16. This reality check

17. That time he called Amber’s arrogant alterego the B-word

18. He said stay in your lane!

19. K-Pop star? No. K-Pop legend!

20. Rules are made to be broken

21. Jae doesn’t speak snake. Sorry!

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