If You Didn’t Shyly Cover Your Face During These 9 Heart-Stopping Scenes In These Famous K-Drama Shows, You’re Lying To Yourself

#8 had a sexier shot, but we put this one instead since it’s more playful.

Every K-Drama fan knows this: you shouldn’t watch K-Drama in public unless you want everyone in the coffee shop looking at you since you suddenly gasped and cover your face with your fingers.

What are some famous heart-stopping scenes from K-Drama shows that are bound to make you shy? Here are nine of them:

1. Descendants of the Sun – “Should I apologize?”

If this is how your partner responds when you give them an apology, maybe you should say “sorry” more often, don’t you think?

2. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim? – “Wake up, honey”

The gentle way he coaxed her into bed and the way they intensely stared at each other — how can you not cover your face while watching this intimate scene?

3. W: Two Worlds – “A thief who stole my heart”

This takes the meaning of “conjugal visit” to another level.

4. I’m Not a Robot – “I wish you were human”

Who knew a drinking game like this could be an emotional way to indirectly confess your feelings to the one you love?

5. Goblin – “Right here!”

He took his shot and honestly, it was all worth it in the end. Of course, it helps if you had his visuals, too, but hey, if you love someone, let them know!

6. My Love from the Star – “This is alright”

Teaching by demonstration is better than just talk, after all.

7. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo – Sharing a drink

Now you know the trick: when you want to get close to someone, order one drink with two straws and take a sip from the straw at the same time. It will make their heart flutter.

8. Legend of the Blue Sea – “Not a bad dream”

He told her to stay with him in bed so that he won’t have bad dreams anymore. Maybe doing this is effective in keeping them at bay?

9. Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon – “To seal our love forever”

Nothing is sweeter than a romantic kiss under the shower of cherry blossoms swirling around you and your lover.