The Difference Between BTS’s First And Latest Singapore Concert Is Striking

So much has changed, but some things never change.

BTS broke a record with their concert in Singapore from their Love Yourself World Tour. Their performance on the 19th of January sold out the National Stadium in Singapore, filling all 45,000 seats.

The event was by all accounts a barn-burner and no ARMY left the stadium dissatisfied.

These moments, in particular, had ARMY cheering, smiling and laughing.

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This wasn’t the first concert that BTS held in Singapore however, on the 13th of December 2014 BTS performed in Singapore during their Live Trilogy Episode I: The Red Bullet tour.

The differences between their first and most recent concert in Singapore show how much BTS have grown as a music act and as people as well. Here are five striking differences.

1. The size of the venue

As previously mentioned, the National Stadium holds 45,000 people. BTS didn’t have a massive established fanbase to fill any venue nearly as big as that in 2014, they played in the Star Performing Arts Centre which holds approximately 5,100 people instead.

Quite a difference, it reflects the massive growth of BTS in recent years.

2. The size of ARMY

Every ARMY in the crowd owned a lightstick and recorded their interactions with BTS religiously, ARMY is now a very dedicated and active fanbase.

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Back in 2014, ARMY was nowhere near as large as it is now. Though, they were still very dedicated even back then which is why we still have pictures and coverage of the event.

3. The size of their discography

BTS’s discography has grown so much since 2014 as the boys release album after album. Their set-list at Love Yourself in Singapore was as follows:

2. Save Me
3. I’m Fine
4. Magic Shop
5. Trivia: Just Dance (J-Hope)
6. Euphoria (Jungkook)
7. I Need U
8. RUN
9. Serendipity (Jimin)
10. Trivia: Love (RM)
11. DNA
12. Boyz With Fun / Attack on Bangtan / Fire / Silver Spoon / Dope
13. Airplane pt. 2
14. Singularity (V)
15. Fake Love
16. Trivia: Seesaw (Suga)
17. Epiphany (Jin)
18. The Truth Untold
19. Outro: Tear
20. Mic Drop
21. So What
22. Anpanman
23. Love Myself

Each member got to sing a solo song and they played 27 songs in total.

In 2014, their set-list was much smaller and contained a lot more B-sides.

1. N.O
2. We Are Bulletproof Pt.2
3. We On
4. Hip Hop Lover
5. Let Me Know
6. Rain
7. Blanket Kick
8. No More Dream
9. Tomorrow
10. Miss Right
11. I Like It
12. If I Ruled The World
13. Cypher Pt. 3: KILLER
14. War of Hormone
15. Danger
16. Boy In Luv
17. Rise of Bangtan
18. Satoori Rap

That was most of BTS’s discography at the time, but now they have over a hundred songs and couldn’t possibly play them all at one concert. Not a bad problem to have.

4. Their look and fashion

BTS famously went through a “hip hop warrior” phase early in their careers and not only that, they had to wear fake branded goods because they simply couldn’t afford the real deal.

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Here is what BTS was sporting in 2014.

They still managed to kill it even in 2014 though. These days BTS make fashion trends themselves, people look to them for inspiration.

If you were to look at the combined worth of the clothes they wore last week in Singapore, the cost would be staggering.

5. One thing never changes: their friendship

Despite how much BTS have grown and changed over the years, they were great friends in 2014 and they are still great friends to this day.

Look at the strength of their bond in 2014, they were laughing around and joking even though times were tougher for them back then.

and nothing has changed, even in 2019.