15+ “Dispatch Reveal” K-Pop Memes To Kick Off 2022 

Dispatch: “Stay tuned!” Me: *withers to dust*

On New Year’s Eve, Dispatch unveiled a new celebrity coupleT-ARA‘s Hyomin and soccer star Hwang Ui Jo. While waiting for the annual reveal, fans stayed entertained with memes. Check them out!

1. The news will break…eventually.

2. Couple reveals are so 2021. It’s superheroes for 2022!

3. Hype vs Reality

4. We don’t care, but…

5. At least we’re in good company

6. J.Y. Park and Bang Si Hyuk?

7. This unbreakable cycle

8. The struggle is real…

9. Anonymous tips be like:

10. *Sells out immediately*

11. Make. This. Happen!

12. When there’s just too much going on.

13. The ultimate ship!

14. Breaking News: Communication is key.

15. There can only be one.

16. *Withers away*

17. The cutest couple of the year

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