Don’t Look At These 10+ Times When BTS’s J-Hope Looked Sinfully Good In Ripped Jeans If You’re Incredibly Thirsty Today

His sexiest photo is #5. No, #11. Wait, #12! Hold on, can you repeat the question?

With a height of 177 cm, it’s no wonder why BTS‘s J-Hope looks good when wearing jeans.

He obviously has the legs for it.

Plus, his confident aura that makes him walk like he owns the place is the cherry on top of the cake.

Want to look at Hoseok looking unbelievably hot in ripped jeans for your #ThirstyTuesday fill? Here are 10+ pictures you can enjoy looking at today.

If you don’t want to experience thirst, please press the “back” button, and walk away. Otherwise, enjoy!

1. Cozy top that’ll keep him warm…

…and ripped jeans that will surely keep his fans hot? Check!

2. That rip at the top part of the pants is dangerously close, don’t you think?

3. This look is perfectly balanced

If he kept it all-black, he would have looked too plain. And if he wore three colors, he would have looked a bit mismatched. So he chose to go with a black and gray ensemble.

4. Hoseok, Fire Kingdom called…

…they want their flag back.

5. You know what?

Forget what was said in item #3. There’s no way someone like him would look plain in an all-black outfit — his sharp jawline alone is enough to make him stand out.

6. He’s obviously cold, but being fashionable is his #1 priority

7. Tucked top with ripped jeans = ultimate boyfriend look

If you close your eyes for a bit, you can imagine yourself picking him up from the airport.

8. This is the picture taken before J-Hope stans went to heaven

Please, for your own sake, don’t search for “J-Hope No More Dream dance break” on YouTube. Save yourself.

9. His greatest mistake was covering his face while wearing this outfit

10. Sexiest delivery boy ever

The only accessory missing is a bad-ass motorcycle to complete this look.

11. Perfect outfit for winter

12. How can someone look so pure…

…and yet dance so sexily at the same time?

13. It would have been better if he wore shorts instead

14. By the way, ARMY, are you still breathing?

Don’t you think it’s time for you to say your prayers, drink some water, and go to bed now?


15. He’s the boy your parents warned you about

16. Everything about this look screams “Fashion King”

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