11 K-Dramas That Say F*ck Romance, As Recommended By Koreans

Idols have been raving about #9!

Although most of us love a good pick-me-up romance at the end of a long day, sometimes the mood calls for something more thrilling and mysterious. K-Netizens have recommended a long list of dramas that pack on the suspense – all without love lines or a full-blown romance.

1. “Save Me”

Starring Seo Ye Ji (yes, the Seo Ye Ji from It’s Okay To Not Be Okay) as a high school student that gets pulled into a cult by her family, it is up to a bunch of her classmates to save her. We also get Ok Taecyeon as the dreamy, heroic leader of the pack.

2. “365 Repeat The Year”

With Lee Joon Hyuk and Seo Kang Joon as the male leads, it’s almost impossible not to have a romance. But this drama does it. The drama tells the tale of 10 people who travel back in time just to have a perfect life.

3. “School: 2013”

Just before the School series became a teen romance, School: 2013 was dramatic for all the right reasons. How about a hot-headed bromance instead?

4. “Kingdom”

You’ve probably heard of this one. A little gory, but if you can stomach some blood, this zombie flick is set in historic times, adding an interesting edge.

5. “The Fiery Priest”

Lee Ha Nee plays an ambitious prosecutor while Kim Nam Gil plays a catholic priest. With her sleuthing skills and his sharp tongue, together the odd pair work to solve a murder mystery.

6. “God’s Gift – 14 Days”

Lee Bo Young plays a distraught young mother than travels back in time to save her only child from the brink of death. Be warned – have tissues ready!

7. “Signal”

By far one of the most exciting on this list – Le Je Hoon plays a young cop that harbors a secret distrust for his fellow kind. In his childhood, he saw his classmate getting kidnapped, but the police took away the wrong suspect. In the present day, he meets a detective that claims to be from the year 2000, investigating the case from his childhood. They communicate using walkie talkies.

8. “Hot Stove League”

Park Eun Bin plays the operations manager of a baseball team, Dreams. Dreams ranks the bottom in the league. They get a new general manager, played by Nam Goong Min. Together, the two raise the team.

9. “Stranger (Secret Forest)”

This one has all the idols raving about it. A thrilling crime flick, it’s about a cold-blooded prosecutor and a top-tier lieutenant that work together to eradicate crime and corruption.

10. “Voice”

At this point we will watch anything with Kim Jae Wook in it, after his sexy stint on Her Private Life. Unfortunately he plays the villain here. Jang Hyuk plays the detective that tries to take him down for murder of his wife.

11. “Misaeng”

Starring Im Si Wan of ZE:A, he plays Jang Geu Rae, a new intern at a trading company. A very realistic view at corporate life when you’re struggling at the bottom of the feed chain.

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Source: theqoo