ENHYPEN Ni-ki’s Rendition Of BTS Jimin’s “Lie” Will Give You Goosebumps — Here Are 10 Fan Reactions

#9 is a whole mood.

ENHYPEN‘s Ni-ki revealed his dance performance cover of BTS Jimin‘s “Lie.” If you haven’t seen the stunning cover yet, here are 10 fan reactions that will convince you it’s a must-see!

| @ENHYPEN_HD/Twitter

1. When you realize Ni-ki barely graduated Middle School and is already this talented

2. The incredible side-by-side comparison

3. Taking his shot at what hardly any idols dare to attempt

4. Welcome, is this your first time with BTS?

5. Did someone say a collab?

6. When the screenshots are like pieces of art

7. Our 4th generation dance prodigy

8. The power they possess

9. When one time is nowhere near enough

10. Our maknae is growing day by day!

Watch Ni-ki’s full dance performance cover of “Lie” below!

Also, check out Jimin’s original performance of the song below.