Here Are Every BTS Member’s Honest Reaction To MAMAMOO’s Hwasa’s Sexy Performance, And Seriously, Can You Blame Them?

Jungkook’s reaction will never not be funny — and Jimin? Honestly, same.

When it comes to giving 100% in every performance, you can count on MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa to give it her all so she can successfully set the stage on fire.

And because Hwasa’s performances are usually defined by her powerful stage persona…

…and her sexy dance steps, taking advantage of her attractive curves and sensual choreography…

…sometimes, as a fan, you can’t help but wonder how other celebrities have reacted to Hwasa’s performances.

After all, if you were fortunate enough to be able to witness this outstanding performance while sitting on the front row seats, you can already consider yourself lucky, don’t you think?

Since we can’t pinpoint every K-Pop idol’s reactions, of course, why don’t we start with top-tier boy group BTS‘s reactions?


At first, you can see RM simply staring at Hwasa and watching her performance.

After a while, he started to nod his head to the beat of the music.


Jin’s reaction is pure UwU: he started by nodding his head to the beat of the song…

…and you can see him clearly enjoying himself as he clapped his hands while Hwasa was performing.


In Jimin’s case, you can see his famous eye-smile coming through, so it’s clear that he also found the performance nice. He also touched his nose for a while, and you can see him smiling while staring intently at the stage in front of him.


Just like when he’s monitoring the dance performances of his fellow BTS members, J-Hope looked serious while watching Hwasa — maybe his “professional dance teacher” side is showing?

He nodded to the beat of the song, but his eyes were sharply studying her moves.


There’s no complicated way to describe this: Jungkook simply had widened eyes which remind you of a deer caught in the headlights.

In the end, he looked at the opposite side while the performance was still on-going.


You can see Suga talking to his group mates while watching Hwasa perform, but we may never know what he told him. He wasn’t sleeping while watching her, so that’s definitely a great sign for Suga.


V’s reaction is just like Jungkook — wide eyes. What’s funnier is the fact that he was so shocked when he watched her perform that he immediately looked at his seat mate to gauge their reaction, too.

It’s no wonder why Hwasa managed to catch the attention of BTS members — according to her, she prioritizes her performances over her health! You can find out the full details once you click the article below.

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