EXO Reveals How They Really Feel About These Popular Dating Debates

EXO is here to give their opinions on Korea’s dating debates, or even break them.

EXO returned with season 3 of their travel variety show, EXO’s Ladder, and like always, they were serving their fans with plenty of cute and hilarious interactions. Having celebrated their tenth anniversary together just two weeks ago, the members showed off their long friendship through a chaotic conversation about dating debates. Here are the three different “controversies” the group discussed at dinnertime.

1. The Perilla Leaf Debate

Suho started off the conversation by asking the other members if they had heard of the Perilla Leaf Debate, and Xiumin delivered an unexpectedly cute line in response.

Did the perilla leaf do anything wrong?

— EXO’s Xiumin

While this makes EXO-Ls smile, Xiumin’s confusion is something many global fans may share. In Korea, pickled perilla leaves are a side dish that is often served with traditional Korean meals. These leaves are sticky and can get stuck together, so sometimes a helping hand is needed to take a perilla leaf.

The debate centers around a situation where it’s you, your partner, and a friend at a meal together, and the friend needs help with getting a perilla leaf. The question is whether it’s alright for your partner to help your friend peel off a leaf, or if that’s too intimate.

Of course, this debate, as well as the rest, were not serious topics but rather for fun, and EXO didn’t disappoint in providing humorous answers.

Xiumin said that as long as the chopsticks don’t touch, it’s fine, a rather understandable answer that took more of a middle route to the debate. However, Kai stunned the other members by saying,

I’m even okay with my girlfriend feeding him.

—EXO’s Kai

This elicited a passionate and funny response from Xiumin, who said he might even swear at Suho (who in this scenario was the third-wheel male friend) if Xiumin’s girlfriend fed him.

Meanwhile D.O. ended the debate entirely with a witty response, and paired with his adorable expression, fans can’t help but laugh and admire his genius.

If perilla leaves are served, I’m just going to tear all of them apart at the beginning.

—EXO’s D.O.

2. The Peeling Shrimp Debate

Kai continued the conversation by switching the topic to peeling shrimp, which caused Sehun, who has been silently listening the whole time, to explode about how it was nonsense. In the end, the shrimp debate was ended by Xiumin, who said that EXO should just eat by themselves and not along with their girlfriends.

Xiumin and D.O. have a point: sometimes, the best way to solve a controversy is to avoid it in the first place.

3. Zipping Up Jackets

EXO didn’t let the conversation stop there, with Kai and Suho broaching another topic: zipping up jackets. By this point, the two of them were having their own fun while the other members enjoyed their meal.

It seems, like the rest of us, that Suho may also be watching a ton of Rom-Coms, but the playfulness the members have with each other is endearing, and the rest of the show is just as packed with heartwarming moments and contagious laughs.

If you want to watch more of EXO’s antics, season one and two are up on YouTube with English subs, and several highlights from season 3 are available.