Here’s How Much Each EXO Member Has Grown In the Past 6 Years

Here’s how much the members have grown in the last few years.

Happy 6 year anniversary to EXO! Let’s take a look at how each member has grown over the years.


1. Xiumin


Xiumin was known for his “baozi” or cute steamed bun look at debut.

However, he shocked fans when he revealed his sexy abs at the EXO’luXion Dot in Seoul concert.


Xiumin has also released duets with NCT’s Mark and AOA’s Jimin through SM Station.


He also made a splash with his acting career in the SM musical School OZ, web drama Falling for Challenge, and the film Seondal: The Man Who Sells The River.


Xiumin is now gearing up for a comeback with EXO’s sub-unit EXO CBX!


2. Suho


Suho, meaning “guardian angel”, has faithfully led EXO as a caring father armed with dad jokes.


He’s known for being the ideal “mother’s friend’s son” with his shining family background, excellent grades at prestigious schools, and commitment to his position as leader.


He also starred in the hologram musical School OZ and debuted on the big screen for the indie film One Way Trip with Ji Soo, Ryu Jun Yeol, and Kim Hee Chan.


He has also been busy with his musical The Last Kiss and recently released two duets with Jang Jae In.


3. Lay


When he first debuted, Lay was known as the main dancer of EXO and for his career as a child star in China.


He is also a well-established songwriter, as he has written songs for EXO and for his solo career as well.


Lay has an extremely successful career as an actor, taking on the lead role in several Chinese films and dramas. As well, he is a variety show star in China with Go Fighting! and Star Chef. 


Lay was the Nation’s Producer and host of China’s Idol Producer, where he taught the trainees all about becoming a successful idol while maintaining his mischievous personality.


4. Baekhyun


Baekhyun debuted with the image of a strong singer thanks to the pre-release song “What Is Love”. However, he showed off his silly personality to the fans right away.


He also loves playing League of Legends and has played for fans many times.


Baekhyun’s solo activities include playing ‘Don Lockwood’ in the musical production of Singing in the Rain, acting in the SBS historical drama Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo, and releasing various solos and duets through SM Station.


Baekhyun will also be coming back with EXO-CBX soon!


5. Chen


Chen is definitely known for his powerful voice.

His whines and yells are especially famous amongst fans and members alike.


Of course, he is extremely famous for his singing voice too!

He has participated in several projects like S.M. the Ballad, the OSTs for dramas like It’s Okay, That’s Love and Descendants of the Sun and won Best Collaboration at the 2017 MAMAs with Dynamic Duo.


As well, he has participated in co-writing lyrics for several EXO songs and also made his musical debut in 2015 with In the Heights.


He is the third member of EXO-CBX!


6. Chanyeol


Chanyeol is well known for being super outgoing and bright, which is why fans call him “Happy Virus”.


It’s also why he has so many friends in the entertainment industry like CN Blue’s Jonghyun and Block B’S Zico.

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However, Chanyeol is always serious when it comes to music. He’s written lyrics for EXO songs and also worked with Zhoumi, Yesung, Junggigo and even Tinashe and Far East Movement.

Chanyeol has also registered himself as a music producer under the pen name “LOEY” with the Korea Music Copyright Association.


Chanyeol has also dived in the world of acting. You can see him in web drama EXO Next Door, South Korean-Chinese film So I Married My Anti-Fan  and MBC’s Missing 9.


7. D.O.


D.O. is really shy and has bad astigmatism, leading people to read him the wrong way when they first see him. Even the members misunderstood him at first!


Once he got used to the fans and fame, he became more comfortable showing off his silly and funny side.


D.O. is one of the main vocalists, and has released solo songs through SM Station and for the OST of works he has been in like Cart and My Annoying Brother.


He also has an extensive, award wining acting career under his full name Do Kyungsoo.

He has acted in seven movies and five dramas so far, including the second most viewed film in South Korean film history, Along with the Gods.


8. Kai


Kai debuted being known as the dancing machine of EXO, and he still holds up that title today.

Many idols like NCT’s Lucas and Wanna One’s Kang Daniel look up to Kai because of his insane stage presence, work ethic, and talent.


But he always makes time to chill with his loyal group of friends including Wanna One’s Ha Sungwoon, SHINee’s Taemin, Hotshot’s Timoteo, and BTS’s Jimin. 


Kai has also begun to build his acting career. He’s been in three web dramas, two Korean TV dramas, and one Japanese drama as well.

He also played Ato in KBS’s The Miracle We Met.


9. Sehun 


Like all SM maknaes, Sehun is a maknae on top. He loves to tease and beat his hyungs in all games.


Despite his laid-back personality, he’s always serious on stage and cares a lot about his members.


Many of his solo acting and variety projects are coming out this year like his films Catman and Dokgo Rewind, so stay tuned to what EXO’s maknae does next!