15 Times EXO’s Sehun Was 110% Everyone’s Spirit Animal

Just Sehun being relatable AF!

Sometimes we feel a special bond with our favorite idols because we feel like they are exactly like us. Since EXO Sehun has a laid back yet still very much 4D personality, he’s one of the most relatable idols out there! So without further ado, here are just a few times that Sehun was relatable AF and was 110% everyone’s spirit animal.


1. His reaction to Baekhyun’s display of affection

Exactly how we feel when our aunt decides to give our cheeks a pinch too.


2. How he couldn’t control his laughter at Tao’s expense

Tao couldn’t stop screaming throughout the haunted house…meanwhile, Sehun just laughs! But hey, what are friends for right?


3. When he looked for someone, anyone else to help him out


4. How he remembered to move the straw right before taking a drink

I think we’ve all got a wayward straw to the cheek by accident.


5. The time he had a little problem with some juice

Just admit it, you’ve done the same too!


6. His love and affection for Vivi


7. How he tried to train his furry friend by running the course himself


8. That time he went straight for the ice cream

No licking or biting here! A big chomp of ice cream is the best on a hot summer’s day!


9. When the dirty joke went straight over his head


10. When faced with math challenges

The confusion is all too real.


11. That celebration of victory


12. When he got really into the karaoke

If you’ve ever been karaoke-ing you know it’s impossible not to get really into it!


13. That time he missed his pocket

Me too Sehun…me too.


14. The time he wouldn’t let his hyung live

First calling him out for guessing the number of years they had known each other for and then throwing him under the bus later. True friendship at it’s finest!


15. When you accidentally open the wrong camera

They should just disable the toggle feature when you’re already recording something, right?