Experts Have Revealed What K-Beauty Trends You Should Be Expecting

Watch out for it!

K-Beauty has also received a lot of attention from all over the world for its effective skin care remedies and as well as its various skin care selections. Beauty enthusiasts have shown a lot of love for K-Beauty and more and more people are influenced to try it out and experience its magic!

In an interview with E!, K-Beauty industry expert Kate Kwon, director of Amorepacific Brand Science Lab together with the brand’s Chief Make-Up Artist Lee Jinsu, the experts revealed some of the K-Beauty trends that fans should look out for.

1. Soft brows

People are shifting from sharp and refined brows to softer and more natural shapes. Lee Jinsu recommended using brow powders and sword-shaped brow pencils to achieve the look.

2. Matte Skin

Because winter is coming soon in Korea, people have tend to achieve a matte skin expression, making use of matte colors and products that have matte textures. Hydrating your skin is still important despite going for a matte look, they remind us.

3. Protective Skincare

People are becoming more concerned of taking care of their skin and protecting it from harmful environments such as pollution and UV rays, making consumers purchase products that will help them keep their skin protected.

4. Increased Consciousness

People are now becoming more conscious of using products that are effective and at the same time cause no harm to the environment. Koreans are realizing this and have even downloaded cellphone applications to help broaden their knowledge on what ingredients are harmful for the environment, and to learn more about skin care product ingredients in general.

Source: E Online