10+ Fanarts Of BTS Jungkook’s Dog Bam That Are Too Cute For Words

He’s the real star of “BTS In the SOOP 2!”

BTS‘s highly anticipated second season of In the SOOP is now in full swing, and ARMY has been excited to see the members return. Still, since episode 1 of BTS In the SOOP 2 aired, Jungkook‘s new dog Bam (also known as Bahm) completely stole the show!

From left: Bam, Jimin, and Jungkook | Weverse

Inspired by his appearance, ARMY have been creating art of him (and Jungkook and his six uncles, of course!). So, here are 10+ fanarts featuring Bam that are too cute for words…

1. He’ll protect them!

2. A father and his son

3. We’re going to need a photoshoot inspired by this

4. Jungkook being a big maknae… just like his dad

5. The way this literally looks like a shot from the show

6. BRB, crying over this

7. Never a dull moment with Bam and Jungkook

8. He’s just a puppy who loves to have fun

9. We’re gonna need this framed

10. If Bam joined Jungkook in 2022 Season’s Greetings

11. They deserve their own animated show

12. Now this… this is the definition of work of art

13. RM being a loving uncle

14. Furry friends

15. Bam is our muse

16. A perfect picture

17. Jungshook?

18. Handsome boy

19. Last but not least… this cute animated video featuring Bam

Source: Twitter