Male K-Netizen Reveals 4 Benefits Of Fanboying Over Boy Groups

K-Pop fanboys unite!

K-Pop fanboys of boy groups exist — and there’s more of them than you might think. In terms of the general crowd, however, they are easily outnumbered by fangirls. A Korean fanboy reveals the benefits that come along with being the lone soldier representing all of boy-kind…and the special perks might make you a little jealous.

1. Any standing area will give you the best seat in the house.

Despite being average height, when he’s in the standing area for male idols, he’s always the tallest and has a clear view of the stage.

When concert-goers post their experiences online, he usually gets mentioned by someone as the only male in that standing area.

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2. Attention from idols is almost guaranteed.

He reveals a certain way to get recognized during concerts is waving his light stick and yelling “Hyung!” Usually, the surprised look on the idol’s face is priceless.

It’s not uncommon for male idols to give a little extra fanservice to a fanboy just because they’re so rare.

3. Dating news doesn’t affect him.

Since he has no romantic attachments, he can fanboy in peace.

4. When it comes to military service, he can be a good resource to fans.

Previously, when he would write posts in the fancafe telling his hyung to serve well in the military, many fans would ask him about it. He gave them some reassuring answers that would give them strength and was often thanked and appreciated by the fans.

In the end, being a fanboy comes with some unique advantages and can lead to some interesting experiences!


Source: TheQoo