5 Female Idols You Want In Your “Friendship Goals” Girl Squad

Everyone needs a girlfriend like #4 in their life.

The women of K-Pop all have friendships that make us want a bestie like them. These five women are hand-picked to create the ultimate squad that we could imagine being BFFs with us.

1. Wheein (MAMAMOO) – The Ride-Or-Die Friend

Wheein‘s loyalty as a friend is unmatched, and needed as the faithful member for the ultimate girl squad. This is especially evident through her friendship with fellow MAMAMOO member, Hwasa.

Having been friends for a over a decade, the two vowed to debut together, and get to live their dreams in the same group.

Wheein puts her friendships before anything, even her job as an idol. When the members pranked her out kicking Hwasa out of the group, Wheein stood her ground and said she would leave as well.

Wheein’s also the type of friend whose down to get matching friendship tattoos, even if it’s on her neck!

She gets matching tattoos with her other friends, as well. Perhaps she would be interested in a squad tattoo…

Wheein is also down for friendship photobooth pics to take home as souvenirs.

2. Lisa (BLACKPINK) – The Sweetheart

Lisa would the sweet and understanding member of your girl power squad. The way she is supportive of fellow BLACKPINK member Jennie by carrying her bags is adorable.

Lisa’s genuine love for fans by keeping their heartwarming letters also shows how sweet she would be as a friend.

Her bright personality would cheer up your friends instantly if someone is feeling down.

3. Yeri (Red Velvet) – The Social Butterfly

Yeri is known for her plethora of friendships, and she would be your squad’s connection to new friends!

She wouldn’t miss a chance to capture you guys together and let others know how much fun you’re having.

4. Jessi – The Tough One

Jessi would be the tough, sassy friend that’s super protective of your friends. Think total “Mama Bear” vibes.

She’s unapologetic in everything she does, and her tendency to speak her mind is badass.

At her core, Jessi is just a teddy bear. She’s loveable, caring, and would make a dedicated friend.

5. Jennie (BLACKPINK) – The Fashionista

Every squad needs a glamorous member that encourages the others to get out of the box with their fashion. Look no further then Jennie of BLACKPINK.

Her closet is bursting with designer labels and she’s constantly taking fashion risks. People can’t help but to label her a trendsetter.

She even makes the airport her runway, which means every squad outing would be a total fashion show.