12 Times GFRIEND’s Yerin Looked Like A Living Doll In The Prettiest Dresses

Her beauty is breathtaking in outfit #2.

GFRIEND’s Yerin has a classic, feminine style that enhances her doll-like beauty. Check out these 12 times she rocked the cutest looks and lived up to the name “living doll!”

1. She almost looks as if she stepped out from a different time period.

2. Her beauty is seriously shocking.

3. This flowy, floral style of dress suits her best — and she loves it, too!

4. Her timeless beauty is enhanced by her classic style.

5. She looks so fresh and youthful in gingham.

6. This whole look gives off immense summer vibes.

7. She’s naturally gorgeous and doesn’t need much to enhance her doll-like features.


8. No bangs and an all-white outfit make her look even more like an angel.

9. Any feminine and girly outfit works on her.

10. Braids give her an innocent look.

11. This simple navy dress is perfect on her.

12. If she’s this stunning in photos, imagine how gorgeous she is in real life.