These Gifs Are The Closest Thing To Seeing Red Velvet’s Joy In Real Life

And it’s as great as you would imagine!

Red Velvet‘s visuals are no joke, but it isn’t always easy to find content that shows what the girls look like in real life. With that in mind, these gifs compiled by Instiz will give you a glimpse at what it would look like if you ran into Joy in real life!


1. As if you’re seeing her up close and personal at a concert.

Can’t you just imagine being right in front of Joy as she performs? Could anyone ask for anything more?


2. As if she pulled up in her van and got out…

Somehow you were in the right place at the right time and got to see Joy disembark from her van.


3. Then proceeded to get grab something from the front seat…

Then as you stood there, you got to witness even more Joy!


4. And finally walked right past you!

Finally, as she left she walked right past where you were standing!


5. As if you spotted her at the airport and couldn’t stop yourself from snapping a pic.

All you’ve got is a cell phone that takes grainy pics, but Joy looks so fantastic that you just can’t help yourself. And somehow the picture still manages to capture just how perfect she is!


6. As if you have front row seats to their concert and ended up right in front of Joy.

Front row seats to a Red Velvet concert? Yes, please! It’s even better that you got to see Joy this up close and personal!


7. As if you passed each other on an escalator.

You’re going up, she’s going down, and you manage to get some eye contact with her.


8. As if you casually spotted her walking on the street.

Can you imagine if you suddenly spotted her walking towards you on the street?


9. As if you went to a fan sign event and got to behold this beautiful sight.

A bit of one-on-one time with Joy when she suddenly gives you a heart attack with her hair flip.


10. As if you stumbled upon Joy walking down some steps.

And what would you do if you suddenly saw this walking down the steps towards you?

Source: Instiz

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