15 Gifs From TWICE’s “I CAN’T STOP ME” Era That Will Leave You Stunned By Their Beauty

Take some fashion cues from the girls.

TWICE serves looks every comeback but the recent “I CAN’T STOP ME” era took the cake. The girls looked amazing in preppy outfits that definitely repped their brand. Here’s 15 gifs of the comeback for you to feast on.

1. Tzuyu’s chorus

Tzuyu does an amazing job with her part.

| theqoo

2. Princess Mina

Mina looks like every bit the exquisite expensive princess with this outfit.

| theqoo

3. Seeing red

Dahyun and Nayeon look amazing together. Their pale skin sets off the red outfits well.

| theqoo

4. Jihyo owning it

Jihyo totally owns the chorus and this move which shows off her legs.

| theqoo

5. Visual explosion

Sana, Nayeon and Tzuyu in one frame? Save us.

| theqoo

6. Maknae line

Chaeyoung and Tzuyu are meant for this body wave.

| theqoo

7. Mina. Just Mina.

Mina’s visuals really took center stage with this comeback.

| theqoo

8. Jihyo, the preppy princess

We’re loving how she looks with her bangs down and a pink headband.

| theqoo

9. Nayeon eating it up

Nayeon has got to be a chameleon at this rate, with how she suits every single concept to a T.

| theqoo

10. Nayeon as Cher in “Clueless”

We loved the iconic yellow plaid outfits for it reminded us of Clueless.

| theqoo

11. No Sana No Life

Say it with us!

| theqoo

12. Human cherry

Nayeon isn’t called the human cherry for nothing! Take a look at her in a burgundy suit.

| theqoo

13. Girl crush

Chaeyoung in a tie and white shirt? Sign us up.

| theqoo

14. Myoui Mina

No words.

| theqoo

15. The trifecta

Last but not least, the visual trifecta once again. This time, with berets!

| theqoo

As much as “I CAN’T STOP ME” has been eargasm with its catchy tune and high notes, the visuals were absolutely on point as well. Props to their hair and makeup team as well as their stylists!

Source: theqoo