20 “Girls Planet 999” Memes That Will Make You Laugh…Or Cry?

Get ready for the finale with these hilarious memes.

Fact: Few things in life are more stressful than a K-Pop competition show. So far, Mnet‘s Girls Planet 999 has taken fans on a roller coaster of emotions, and as the finale nears that ride shows so sign of slowing down! Here are 20 memes to get you through it.

1. Somebody is asking the real questions here

2. Safe? There’s no such thing.

3. Draw 25

4. Nobody was ready for this vote. Nobody.

5. Actions have consequences. Who knew, right?

6. It’s just a joke. Unless…

7. And the name of the group is…

8. This plot twist

9. Did we make it?

10. Has anyone seen Kim Sein?

11. Thanks for the screen time!

12. Just one question

13. She will survive!

14. Nothing but love for the ladybug

15. When your emotions just can’t catch up

16. Better run!

17. Squid Game: Mnet Edition

18. …Too soon?

19. Repeat after me…

20. We love cameos

Source: Reddit

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