These Are The TOP 10 Most-Viewed “Girls Planet 999” Individual Combination Mission Fancams

Who are you rooting for?

With Girls Planet 999 getting close to being over, it can be interesting to look back and see how the contestants have grown and changed over the course of the competition! Back during the sixth and seventh episodes, the participants took part in their second mission stage, called the “Combination Mission”. Teams of 3, 6, and 9 contestants competed against each other in this round, and individual fancams of the various participants have accumulated hundreds of thousands (or more) views! Here are the top 10 most-viewed individual fancams from this mission.

10. Yoon Jia


9. Seo Yeongeun


8. Kim Chaehyun


7. Shen Xiaoting


6. Choi Yujin

For this mission, Choi Yujin was part of the “Present” team, who performed to Lee Sunhee’s “Fate”. Their team ended up in first place for the 6-member teams, and Choi Yujin’s fancam currently has 485.6k views!

5. Kim Dayeon


4. Cai Bing

For this mission, Cai Bing was part of the “look!” team (as the leader and the member with the killing part), who performed to Little Mix’s “Salute”. Their team ended up in first place for the 9-member teams, and Cai Bing’s fancam currently has 575.0k views!

3. Ezaki Hikaru


2. Huening Bahiyyih

For this mission, Huening Bahiyyih was part of the “Cherry Swirl” team, who performed to BLACKPINK and Selena Gomez’s “Ice Cream” . Their team was one of the 9-member groups, and Huening Bahiyyih’s fancam currently has 864.1k views!

1. Sakamoto Mashiro


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