GOT7’s Bambam Is One Of The Funniest Guys On Twitter, Here Are 8 Tweets To Prove It

His latest thread is EVERYTHING.

GOT7‘s Bambam had a chat with fans through Twitter on January 13. A little bit of everything and nothing was brought up in the thread, and one thing was consistent: his humor.

Check out some of Bambam’s funniest Tweets below!

1. When Bambam insisted he was husband material

Imagine calling your bias “boyfriend” and him saying he’s more than that—he’s your husband.

2. When he was ‘in’ on the joke

He’s friends with all of his fans.

3. When his beloved cat got a Twitter account

Latte made it to social media without him knowing!

4. When he was confident

Bambam needs to share his diet secrets with everyone.

5. When he was an accomplice in a fan’s “crime”

It’s like he told her to get ready.

6. When he was sassy all around

What’s something everyone does before sleeping? Bambam had the obvious answer.

7. When he was laid-back awesome

He’s totally the best.

8. And when he had a question of his own

What even is the right answer?

BONUS: Bambam being heartwarming with Mark

Last but certainly not least, Bambam and Mark made everyone’s hearts warm with their simple exchange. He asked the latter to play a game on his YouTube channel, suggesting once again that GOT7’s bond is forever.

When it comes to replying to fan messages, Bambam is one of the most entertaining idols!

Source: Twitter