GOT7’s Jackson Reveals Some Of His Most Precious Items

“I always carry a…”

GOT7‘s Jackson recently sat down with Harper’s Bazaar for a fun interview where he revealed some of his most precious items!

1. Jackson’s First Item

It’s clear to everyone that Jackson definitely has incredible style! Not only can he pick out a chic outfit, but Jackson can also accessorize well! Jackson revealed his first item of the interview to be some cool earrings.

First of all, I love earrings. I always wear this on my ear. I wear it even when I sleep and when I take a shower. As well as these earrings here.

— Jackson

2. Jackson’s Second Item

Who doesn’t like coffee? Well for Jackson, he doesn’t just like coffee, he loves it! Specifically, ice americano cold brew. Jackson explained that having a delicious cup of ice americano cold brew helps his day start off well!

The second thing…Ice Americano Cold Brew (Starbucks Cold Brew). I also like Ice Americano, but I love Cold Brew. It’s like a good start for the day, so I absolutely, ABSOLUTELY have to have it. I love it. It’s my favorite thing in the world. I can’t drink it because I have a stomach infection right now.

— Jackson

3. Jackson’s Third Item

The last item Jackson revealed showed off his professionalism and passion for music! The last item Jackson presented was his personal microphone! A huge star like Jackson is always traveling for work and being in an unfamiliar location can be stressful when trying to find a good workspace. Luckily, Jackson has that issue solved and it’s why he brings a microphone with him. Though it’s an uncommon item people carry around with them, Jackson explained the reason he always has his microphone handy is so he can record anywhere if he isn’t sure where he can record at.

I always carry a personal microphone while working abroad. Because when I record abroad, I don’t know where I’ll record. I carry a microphone which suits me.

— Jackson

Check out Jackson’s interview below: