Just 15 Times GOT7’s Jinyoung Destroyed Us With His Habit Of Running A Hand Through His Hair

Peak devastation mode activated:

In between attacking fans with his honey vocals and intense dance moves, GOT7‘s Jinyoung loves to sneak in a surprise attack or two with his heart-fluttering habits. One of the most devastating of all is Jinyoung’s tendency to run his hand through his hair. With a single sweep, Jinyoung hits peak devastation mode that is both so bad and yet so good for our hearts. So without further ado, here are just a few times Jinyoung came to wreck us all with this habit.

1. When a GOT7’s comeback meant we were all put on the frontline

Who gave him permission to do this to our hearts!

2. Just Jinyoung kicking off their Keep Spinning tour like this

He’s lucky fans were still alive after attacking them like this at the beginning of their tour!

3. I’m pretty sure Jinyoung was determined to kill us all during Keep Spinning

Really, Jinyoung? Really?

4. Who needs an airplane to fly when Jinyoung’s habit already makes hearts soar

5. The mask comes off and I am not okay

Definitely the most dangerous episode of King of Masked Singer.

6. When soft visuals meet heart-attack-inducing habits


7. Green hoodie + Glasses + A quick hair floof = Peak devastation

8. Just a close up of our destruction

And there he goes again…

9. When we were already being attacked on one front and he just…yeah

With a slight twist on his usual habit, Jinyoung was determined to destroy us all during He Is Psychometric.

10. When a simple solo change turned a whole lot more complicated for fans

We want to know who okayed Jinyoung to add this to his “Made It” solo change!

11. This should be illegal

12. A slight change but equally devastating

13. When Jinyoung upped the ante with a bit of leather

Image: @madprincejy/Twitter

As if we weren’t already feeling the heat!

14. Just a bit of casual action

He doesn’t realize what he’s doing to everyone’s heart, does he?

15. One more blow and K.O. knockout!

Jinyoung doesn’t hold any punches!