The Gymnastic Performances Of These 7 Idols Left Fans Breathless

The medal winners were incredibly deserving.

The Idol Star Athletic Championships which were filmed in January but only recently aired featured a rhythmic gymnastics performance as it normally does. The idols that participated this year were incredibly talented and left all fans breathless.

1. Yukyung (ELRIS)

Yukyung was the defending gold medalist in this event so she had a lot to live up to with her performance. Her prop of choice was the hula hoop and she chose a tango theme.

Unfortunately, she dropped her hula hoop which caused the judges to significantly score her down.

She finished her performance strong though, it was a very impressive showing overall from the defending champion.

2. Rachel (APRIL)

Rachel is also a gold medalist in this event. She arrived looking to unseat Yukyung as the champion. Her prop of choice was the clubs. She unfortunately also fell victim to dropping her prop.

Besides one small slip-up, Rachel’s performance was amazing. She was brave to take on such a hard routine and she showed her mastery of the clubs in full.

3. May (Cherry Bullet)

The recent debutant May from Cherry Bullet bravely entered the competition. She decided to use the ribbon to display her elegance. She started very strong, making beautiful swirls with her ribbon.

She made a minor mistake when she failed to catch the ribbon while pulling it back towards her.

It didn’t phase her however and she displayed her charm with the finish to her performance.

4. Eunseo (Cosmic Girls)

Eunseo from Cosmic Girls decided to use the ball as a prop and the music suggested that it was going to be a highly energetic performance. Throughout her performance, she displayed impressive tricks which proved that she was competent using the ball.

She tried very difficult tricks and mostly pulled them off without mistake.

Eunseo did incredibly well overall, displaying a glamorous and highly energetic performance.


JooE is known for her bubbly personality and hilarious antics, so everyone was excited to see what she would bring to the table for her performance. Her prop was the hula hoop and once “We Will Rock You” by Queen started playing, everyone knew they were in for a treat.

She made some mistakes but she powered through and kept smiling because JooE is a warrior!

Well done JooE!


ZN from LABOUM came into the arena to a lot of applause. She chose the ribbon and immediately burst into life by tossing it in the air.

ZN performed flawlessly, she didn’t make a single mistake as she elegantly danced around the arena with her mesmerising ribbon work.

7. Shuhua ((G)I-DLE)

Shuhua of (G)I-DLE was last but not least. She opted to use the ball as her prop and that turned out to be a good choice because her performance was amazing. She did very difficult tricks almost with ease.

Shuhua performed incredibly, she truly mastered her prop and knew her routine inside and out.

What fantastic performances from seven talented idols, it was a close race but the top three were eventually decided:

  1. APRIL’s Rachel (Gold)
  2. ELRIS’ Yukyung (Silver)
  3. (G)I-DLE’s Shuhua (Bronze)

Congratulations to Rachel on gold. You can watch her full performance below: