Here’s The BTS Songs You Should Listen To Right Now, According To Your MBTI Type

What’s your MBTI type?

BTS has a song for every occasion, every mood, and every personality!

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Here are the BTS songs you should listen to according to your MBTI personality type!

1. ISTJ (The Inspector)

ISTJs value loyalty and tradition. They’re responsible, and they love order and organization.

If you’re an ISTJ, you’ll love “Paldogangsan.” In this song, the rap line uses their regional dialects and discuss a bit of Korea’s history. This song will definitely appeal to your love of tradition!

You’ll also love “Respect” by Suga and RM. In this song, the two rappers discuss the meaning of the word respect, and it’ll appeal to your observant, detail-oriented, and analytical side. This song also has a retro feel, so it will appeal to your love of tradition, too.

2. ISTP (The Crafter)

ISTPs value independence and love having time to think alone. ISTPs also enjoy trying new experiences, participating in hands-on activities, and working at their own pace.

If you’re an ISTP, you’ll love “So What.” This song is all about doing what you want and letting go of what other people think, so it’ll definitely resonate with your independent spirit.

You’ll also enjoy “Paradise.” In this song, BTS reminds fans to go their own way and stop trying to meet everyone’s expectations at the expense of their own happiness. Like “So What,” this song will appeal to your independent side!

3. ISFJ (The Protector)

ISFJs are warm-hearted, responsible, and a little shy. They are super reliable and they love putting their talents to use to help others.

If you’re an ISFJ, you’ll love “Anpanman.” This song is about becoming a hero that uses their gifts to help others. It’s the perfect song for protective ISFJs!

You’ll also enjoy Jungkook‘s solo song, “Begin.” In this song, he thanks the BTS members for helping him grow as a person and reveals that he wants to take care of them, too.

4. ISFP (The Artist)

ISFPs are known for being quiet and easy-going. They’re very accepting of other people, and they value living in the moment over worrying about the future. They stick to their values and stand up for what they believe in. ISFPs are in touch with their emotions, and they’re great at expressing themselves creatively.

If you’re an ISFP, you’ll love “Am I Wrong.” This is one of BTS’s most socially conscious songs, and it’s a great example of them sticking up for their beliefs. It’ll totally resonate with you!

You’ll also enjoy Suga‘s solo song, “First Love.” In this song, he creatively describes his piano as his first love. This emotional song will definitely resonate with you!

5. INFJ (The Advocate)

INFJs are an interesting, contradictory bunch. Although they’re perfectionists, they’re easy-going, too. They’re both creative and analytical, and they’re both emotional and logical.

If you’re an INFJ, you’ll enjoy “Tomorrow.” Although this song tells listeners to chase their big dreams, it does so in a way that balances logic with emotion.

You’ll also enjoy “Magic Shop.” Although this song uses the metaphor of a fictional magic shop to offer comfort to listeners, it’s somehow just as logical as it is imaginative. It’s as contradictory and lovely as INFJs are!

6. INFP (The Mediator)

INFPs are introverted, idealistic, and creative. They love trying to understand themselves better, and they’re great at seeing the big picture without getting bogged down by little details. INFPs are led by their feelings, and they are emotional beings.

If you’re an INFP, you’ll enjoy RM‘s solo song, “Reflection.” As the name suggests, RM reflects on himself in this song, which will remind you of your own desire to understand yourself better.

You’ll also enjoy V‘s solo song, “Singularity.” This song was the intro to the Love Yourself: Tear album, and it has an emotional depth that will appeal to INFPs.

7. INTJ (The Architect)

INTJs are analytical and logical, but they’re creative, too. They like working with abstract ideas more than concrete ones. They’re confident and hard-working, and they are great listeners.

If you’re an INTJ, you’ll enjoy RM’s solo song, “Trivia: Love.” In this song, he describes love in a unique way that makes falling in love seem like a beautiful yet rational experience.

You’ll also enjoy “134340.” In this song, BTS describes a breakup by comparing it to how Pluto must have felt when it lost its status as a planet. It’s the perfect combo of logic and emotion, and it’ll touch your INTJ heart!

8. INTP (The Thinker)

Like their nickname suggests, INTPs love spending time in thought. They enjoy figuring out how things work and solving problems. Although they have a tendency to get lost in their own thoughts, they’re very loyal and affectionate.

If you’re an INTP, you’ll enjoy “Black Swan.” In this song, BTS describes the feeling of falling out of love with your passions in a philosophical way that’ll appeal to your thoughtful nature.

You’ll also enjoy “Jamais Vu.” Like “Black Swan,” the lyrics to this song are very thought-provoking, and it’s the perfect song for The Thinkers!

9. ESTP (The Persuader)

ESTPs are outgoing, funny, and energetic. They love being surrounded by friends, and they’re great at persuading people to see things from their perspective.

If you’re an ESTP, you’ll enjoy “Pied Piper.” In this song, BTS persuades ARMY to focus on their responsibilities just as much as they focus on BTS through the metaphor of the Pied Piper who lured children away from their parents. The song’s  persuasive lyrics will definitely appeal to ESTPs.

You’ll also like “Boyz with Fun.” This high-energy song will appeal to your outgoing nature for sure!

10. ESTJ (The Director)

ESTJs are natural leaders, and they value tradition. They’re hard-working, dependable, and sensible.

If you’re an ESTJ, you’ll love J-Hope‘s solo song, “Outro: Ego.” The song’s self-assured lyrics match your confident vibe.

You’ll also enjoy “On.” This song is all about persisting even when times are challenging, and it’ll appeal to the confident, self-assured leader in you.

11. ESFP (The Performer)

ESFPs love being the center of attention and are very spontaneous. They have a great sense of adventure and love socializing.

If you’re an ESFP, you’ll love “Idol.” This song’s lyrics are just as bold as you are!

You’ll also enjoy “Airplane Pt. 2.” In this song, BTS describes their life of flying around the world to perform, and it’ll resonate with your inner performer!

12. ESFJ (The Caregiver)

ESFJs are outgoing and tender-hearted. They see the best in people, and they love encouraging other people to become their best selves.

If you’re an ESFJ, you’ll love Jin‘s solo song, “Epiphany.” This song about self-love will remind you of your tendency to remind other people to love themselves.

You’ll also enjoy “2!3!” In this song, BTS tells ARMY to turn to them for comfort when they’re sad. The song matches your caring nature, and it’ll definitely resonate with you.

13. ENFP (The Champion)

ENFPs are warm and enthusiastic, and they have great people skills. They are highly creative, confident, empathetic, and caring.

If you’re an ENFP, you’ll love “We Are Bulletproof, Pt. 2.” The confident, bold lyrics will definitely appeal to you.

You’ll also enjoy “Home.” This song is about feeling like you’ve found your home in someone, and it’ll resonate with your friendly, people-loving nature.

14. ENFJ (The Giver)

ENFJs are known for their giving, encouraging nature. They are affectionate and persuasive, and their warm hearts make them great friends.

If you’re an ENFJ, you’ll enjoy Jimin‘s solo song, “Filter.” In this song, Jimin persuades listeners to look at him and says he can transform into whatever they desire.

You’ll also enjoy “Best of Me.” In this song, BTS tells fans they’re giving them their best, and the lyrics will remind you of your own giving, caring nature.

15. ENTP (The Debater)

ENTPs are innovators and visionaries. They are out-of-the-box thinkers, and they love talking to other people, especially when they have the chance to debate their ideas!

If you’re an ENTP, you’ll love “Baepsae.” In this song, BTS argues against the status quo, so it’ll appeal to your inner debater.

You’ll also enjoy “If I Ruled the World.” BTS fantasizes about what life would be like if they ruled the world in this song, and the song’s theme will appeal to your visionary side.

16. ENTJ (The Commander)

ENTJs are assertive and confident. They’re great decision-makers, and they have strong leadership and communication skills.

If you’re an ENTJ, you’ll love “N.O.” In this song, BTS tells young people to question the status quo and follow their own dreams instead of letting themselves be forced to follow someone else’s dreams. This persuasive song will definitely appeal to your inner leader.

You’ll also love “No More Dream.” Like “N.O,” this song encourages people to follow their dreams and BTS’s confident delivery of the song’s lyrics will appeal to your assertive side.







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