Here’s An In-Depth Analysis Of How ASTRO Members’ Line Distributions Have Changed Since Debut

How have this 6-member group’s lines changed over time?

ASTRO debuted on February 23, 2016, giving them over 4 years in the K-Pop industry so far. Within those years they’ve had a number of comebacks, so it’s possible for fans to look through the line distributions of each of their songs and see if there are any trends in the members’ lines, which is what this article displays! Each graph shows the line evolution of each member, from their debut song “Hide & Seek” until their most recent comeback. Some members definitely have more lines than others, but what kinds of trends do the members have? Keep reading to find out!


Eunwoo is right in the middle in terms of how many lines he has, with 17% of ASTRO’s total lines belonging to him. He’s a vocalist in the group, as well as the visual, so it makes sense for him to have this amount of lines since he’s not a main vocalist. He has, at least, had an upward trend in how many lines he gets since the group’s debut, though it’s been at a pretty steady level for a while.


MJ has the most lines overall in ASTRO, with 21% of the total lines belonging to him. He’s the main vocalist of the group, so it makes sense for him to have the most lines! His line amount seems to be pretty steady as well, with just the occasional extreme increase in a few of ASTRO’s songs.


Moonbin is tied with Sanha for the 3rd most amount of lines in the group at 18%. He’s a main dancer and lead vocalist, and generally lead vocalists don’t get quite as many lines as main vocalists, so it’s not surprising that he hasn’t had quite as many as MJ, though it’s not that much less. Like the other members so far, his line evolution seems to be pretty steady without too much variation or a clear increase or decrease over time!


Rocky has the second-least amount of lines in the group at 16% of the total. He’s the lead rapper and vocalist of the group, and since ASTRO isn’t very rap-heavy, it makes sense that even as a lead rapper he wouldn’t have as many lines. Fortunately, he does seem to have an upward trend in his line evolution, so hopefully Rocky will continue to get more lines in the future!


JinJin, the leader of ASTRO, also has the least amount of lines in the group, with only 10% of the total! He, similar to Rocky, is a main rapper, as well as a lead dancer, without any kind of vocal role. Again, since ASTRO isn’t a rap-heavy group, it’s not too surprising that an only-rapper role wouldn’t get as many lines. His lines have varied quite a bit over time, too, though there doesn’t appear to be any clear trend.


Sanha, maknae of ASTRO, is tied with Moonbin in third place for the most lines with 18% of the total. He’s just a vocalist in the group, along with being the youngest, so 18% seems like a fair amount for him. He also shows a slight increase in his lines over time since the group’s debut, so hopefully this means he’ll continue to get his fair share of center time!