Here’s An In-Depth Analysis Of iKON Members’ Line Distributions From Debut Until Now

They have some pretty interesting line evolutions!

iKON debuted in September of 2015, meaning they’ve been together for nearly 5 years now. They went through some changes when B.I left the group in June of 2019, but besides that, they seem to be doing well. With so many years together, the members have had time to get to know each other and how they work well as a team, and what each person’s strengths and weaknesses are as performers. The following graphs show how each member’s line distributions have changed over time, and whether or not there are any upwards or downwards trends. They have definitely had a lot of changes!

1. Chan

Chan has the least overall lines in iKON, with only 6.8% of the total lines. Considering that his only position besides the maknae is a sub-vocalist, it’s not too surprising that he doesn’t have as many lines, but it does seem like an awfully small amount in a six-member group! He also doesn’t seem to be getting increasingly more lines over time, but hopefully that will change eventually so he gets more time in the spotlight.

2. Bobby

With 16.6% of the overall lines in the group, Bobby is pretty much in the middle in terms of how much he has compared to the others. Since he’s a main rapper as well as a sub-vocalist (as well as the face of the group), he should definitely be getting his fair share of lines! Unfortunately, he has had a pretty clear downward trend in how many lines he gets per song since iKON’s debut, so hopefully that will even out before too long.

3. Jay

Jay has the second-most lines in iKON, with 18.7% of the total. He’s a main vocalist (and lead dancer) of the group, so he should definitely be getting a lot of the main singing parts of their songs! He also shows a pretty clear upward trend in lines since the group debuted, going from not very many lines early on to about a quarter of the total lines in their most recent songs! He’s definitely talented, so he deserves it, but hopefully other members will still get plenty of lines as well in the future!

4. Ju-ne

With 19.7% of the total lines in the group, Ju-ne has the most lines overall of all the members. Like Jay, he’s also a main vocalist (and lead dancer) of iKON, so it makes sense that those two have the most amount of lines and aren’t too far apart in terms of how much they each have. Unlike Jay, however, Ju-ne has shown a bit of a decrease in his overall lines lately, though that is only because in the past there were some songs that he had a tremendous amount of lines, nearly a third of them in some songs! He should still be able to have plenty of center time even with this trend.

5. Song

Song has 7.6% of the total lines in the group, which means he has the second least lines overall. He is just a sub-vocalist, as well as the visual and center, so it’s not too surprising he doesn’t have that many lines. Despite a small blip in the middle of his line evolution, though, he definitely has an upward trend in how many lines he’s getting per song, with “Dive” giving him more by far than any of their previous songs! Hopefully this continues for his sake.

6. DK

Finally, DK is in the lower middle with 8.7% of the total lines in the group. As a sub-vocalist (as well as a main dancer), he like the other sub-vocalists clearly just don’t get nearly as many lines as the main vocalists, which does make sense, but it’s too bad to see just how drastically less lines they get! He has almost two different upward trends in his line evolution, one from debut until “What’s Wrong?”, and then again from “Dumb & Dumber” until “Dive”. Hopefully his lines will even out to allow him enough time to sing a satisfying amount!