Here’s An In-Depth Analysis Of How WINNER Members’ Line Distributions Have Changed Over Time

These four members have had a lot of change over time.

WINNER first debuted all the way back in August of 2014, so they’ve been active for almost exactly 6 years now. This has given the members plenty of time to work together and determine who fits which kinds of songs best, thus determining the line distributions of their songs. Taehyun leaving the group in 2016 also impacted how they adjusted their lines from then on out, but the adjusted to the change well. Here are the line evolutions of each of the four remaining members of WINNER and how they’ve changed over time.


Yoon has by far the most lines of anyone in the group, with 33.9% of the total lines, or over a third, belonging to him. Interestingly, even though he’s the maknae, he’s also the leader of WINNER, as well as the main vocalist. Main vocalists tend to have the most lines in a group, so it makes sense for him to have the most! Since the “Fool” era he does seem to have a bit of a decrease in lines over time, though he had nearly half of the lines in some songs in that era so he’s still getting plenty.


Jinu has the second-least amount of lines in WINNER, with 18.2% of the total lines. He’s the lead vocalist as well as the visual, so it’s a little strange that he would have so much fewer lines overall than Yoon (a little more than half as much). He does seem to be getting more lines in some songs lately, however, so hopefully this will continue for his sake!


Hoony has the least amount of lines among the members of WINNER, with 16% of the total belonging to him. As the main dancer, lead rapper, and vocalist of the group, again, it’s a little strange that he would have so much fewer lines, especially since some of the group’s songs tend to be more rap-heavy! However, he does seem to be having a gradual increase in his lines over time, which will hopefully continue to stay that way.


Mino has the second-most lines in the group, with 25.2% of the total. He’s the main rapper, vocalist, and face of the group, and main rappers tend to get more lines than lead rappers, so it does make sense that he gets more than Hoony. Also like the other rapper, he does seem to be getting more lines overall lately, which is nice, since there were some songs early on in their career that he wasn’t getting much!