Here’s A Look At How (Actually) Fair A.C.E’s Line Distributions Are Over 11 Of Their Songs

This five-member group seems to know what they’re doing!

A.C.E is still a relatively young group, having debuted in May of 2017. However, for such a young group, even from the beginning, the members were being given a pretty even amount of lines between them! This is, understandably, easier for groups with less members, but it’s much more common to see some members getting dramatically more members than others, especially closer to the beginning of their careers when some members just need more experience and practice to feel comfortable with more lines. But since the members of A.C.E were all so talented and capable from debut, that wasn’t necessary! Check out below just how even most of their line distributions from their main songs have been, as well as the total line distributions averaging from all of them.




“I Feel So Lucky”

“Take Me Higher”

“Under Cover”


“If You Heard”

“Do It Like Me”

“Mr. Bass”

“My Lover”