Here’s A Look At How Fair THE BOYZ’s Line Distributions Are Over Their 10 Main Singles

With nearly a dozen members (and, in the past, actually 12 members), line distribution is certainly going to be difficult.

THE BOYZ is a large K-Pop group, currently consisting of 11 members and with 12 members in the past. When a group has so many members, it can be really difficult to try to give all the members the same amount of lines! The following graphs take a look at the line distribution for each member in each of their 10 singles, and the final graph is a total tally of how many lines each member has had in total related to everyone else. You’ll be able to see for yourself whether you think their line distribution is fair!

1. “Boy”

2. “Giddy Up”

3. “KeePer”

4. “Right Here”

5. “No Air”

6. “Bloom Bloom”

7. “D.D.D”

8. “Tattoo”

9. “White”

10. “Reveal”