Here’s A Look At How Fair IZ*ONE’s Line Distribution Has Been Over 11 Popular Songs

They have so many members, so how evenly are lines distributed?

IZ*ONE is one of the biggest girl groups in K-Pop at the moment — both in terms of popularity and the actual size of the group — so some fans might be interested to see what exactly their line distribution is like. With 12 members, it’s no doubt difficult to make sure everyone gets the same amount of lines, but just how uneven are they? These graphs show the line percentage each member has in 11 of their most popular songs, and the final graph shows each members total line percentage through all the songs. So check it out and see for yourself which members get more or less lines than others.

1. “La Vie en Rose”

2. “Suki to Iwasetai”

3. “Violeta”

4. “Buenos Aires”

5. “Vampire”

6. “Fiesta”

7. “Eyes”

8. “Spaceship”

9. “Destiny”

10. “You & I”

11. “Open Your Eyes”